HK’s Professional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Filming Services

To further complement our aerial services, Heliservices provides unmanned aerial vehicle services (UAV) for low-level filming, photography and 3D area scanning jobs. A UAV is an aircraft that can be piloted remotely and as such is a cost-effective means for conducting filming and photography work from lower altitudes or for which budget is a concern. UAV’s are advantageous in the cases where acrobatic or close range footage is required.

Comprehensive list of Heliservices’ UAV filming capabilities:

  • Aerial Photography & Filming
  • Real Estate
  • Marketing
  • Disaster Response
  • Environmental & Climate
  • Government
  • Mining / OIL & GAS
  • 2D & 3D Mapping
  • Construction
  • Inspections
  • Maritime

The advantages of drone filming

Versatility: a drone can be piloted into areas that would not be possible to access from a manned aircraft. It can continuously pan a subject going from centimeters off the ground to 400 metres up in the air. Unique panning shots inside a house or coming out of a window and can even rotate in one spot.

Applications: drones can be used to survey and scan as well as film and have a wide range of applications across the construction, mining, farming and sporting industries.

Time and resources: unlike a manned helicopter, drones only require one pilot and the camera operator for aerial filming to talk place. Once the site survey and risk assessment has been done, it takes very little time to have the drone up and flying, This accessibility means that if lighting or bad weather prevent filming, it’s less of an ordeal to land the drone and wait for the next window of opportunity than it would be with a manned craft.

For further details about our services or to book your UAV filming job with us in HK, please contact our customer services representatives at Tel +852 8105 5688 or E-mail: