About Heliservices

Established in 1978, Heliservices is the premier provider of aerial filming services in Hong Kong.

With our wealth of technical knowledge and professional engineering support from our helicopter operation, our UAS division has become one of the biggest and professional drone operators in HK.

Our drone division offers a complete range of aerials services, including filming and photography, surveying and inspection.

Heliservices is the only operator that was given renewable 6mths UAS operation permit by the HK Civil Aviation Department, and do not need to go through the usual 28 days application process which was required for all other drone operators, which makes scheduling an operation much easier and flexible.

What we do

Filming and Photography

  • Create fascinating and unusual perspectives, including 360 immersive photos and videos
  • Operate at much lower altitude than helicopter
  • Offer options for projects with different budgets

Aerial filming for live events

  • Provide live HD, zero latency feed for real time viewing
  • Live transmission for concerts and sports events in your chosen output


  • Using high-res cameras with GPS-enabled drone platforms
  • Create maps and grid with ease
  • Enables accurate measurements and tracking development
  • Capture images at oblique angles to create more detailed and complete 3D models


  • High-res cameras and sophisticated drone platform make it safer, easier and faster
  • Operates at lower altitude and in tight spaces, access areas that used to be “impossible”
  • Smart features like “Return to Home” and “Obstacle Avoidance” enhance safety

Hiring helicopter

  • Heliservices offers a one-stop service for all your aerial filming needs, high or low!

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Safety and Regulation

  • Our priority is safety – it comes first and above all else.
  • Heliservices have a fully proven and integrated SMS and maintenance system.
  • With our aviation background and a team of highly professional technicians and operators, we mitigate the risks caused by poor operation, insufficient / ineffective maintenance, miscommunication and equipment failure.
  • Generally we can operate up to 300 feet from above ground level. If a job requires a higher operating altitude, we could ask for a special permission.
  • We can operate in light wind (less than 20 knots), but cannot operate in rain and will delay the operation if weather conditions make it difficult to operate safely.
  • It is required by the HK Civil Aviation Department for all non-recreational UAV operations to apply for permissions to fly in HK. Paperwork needs to be submitted to the CAD at least 28 days in advance however Heliservices has been granted an operating permit that covers all our jobs because of our aviation background.
  • All UAV operations come with a comprehensive third-party liability insurance with USD 5,000,000 coverage.

Drone options

DJI Inspire 2

Matricx 600 Pro

4K-captable integrated camera unit

Dual battery system increases safety

Fast setup, perfect for flying in remote location, versatile and transportable.

Flight time: 22-27mins

Newest hexacopter on the market, running with 3 sets of GNSS units

High payload and versatile gimbal, designed to carry professional filming cameras

Can be used with 30x zoom camera for inspection purposes or special made 360 cameras rig for immersive 360 VR

Flight time: 16-25mins, depending on payload

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Suite 1801 Chinachem Johnston Plaza,
178-186 Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


Kit Cheung

+852 8105 5688


+852 2488 0086