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18th, Oct 2017  The China Universal Tourism Exhibition 2017 today.

We are very happy to participate in the China Universal Tourism Exhibition 2017 today. With the help of our business partners, we hope that we can bring our tourist the best and ultimate experience of aviation.

18th Sept, 2017 : Happy Mid Autumn Festival

20th Aug, 2017 : World Helicopter day 2017

What a exciting day it is!


15th Aug, 2017 : Welcoming World Helicopter day 2017!

World Helicopter Day 2017 is coming soon!
We are so grateful and honored to be part of this amazing event!
Let’s enjoy the big party together!

21st Jul, 2017 : Happy Birthday to Hong Kong Citizens

Special Offer for Hong Kong Citizens!
Enjoy a Heliservices flightseeing tour in your birthday month and enjoy a 50% discount! Book now for your special birthday offer!

*HKID proof must be shown prior to boarding.


21st Jul, 2017 : A view of Kai Tak

Do you know where this is?
Come and see the world from a different angle.
Experience a sightseeing tour on our deluxe MD902 today!

2nd Jul, 2017 : A view of TST

See Hong Kong like never before!
Heliservices provides you with a bird’s eye view of the famous Victoria Harbour and other gorgeous landmarks in Hong Kong.

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