Heliservices has over 30 years of experience in providing aerial filming and photography services for still, video, and movie studios. We are routinely used by both international and local film companies to assist in the production of feature films and television commercials. Previous film projects include the Academy Award winning Batman: The Dark Knight starring Heath Ledger and Christian Bale; Transformers 4: Age of Extinction starring Mark Wahlberg; Tomb-Raider II starring Angelina Jolie; Spy Game starring Brad Pitt and Robert Redford; and Highbinders starring Jackie Chan. Major advertising campaigns by the Hong Kong Tourist Board, DHL, Motorola, HSBC and Ngong Ping 360 among others have also been filmed with the assistance of Heliservices. Heliservices has also provided still photography services for numerous tourism companies along with countless calendar and postcard pictures.

Camera mount and equipment rental can be arranged and Heliservices will ensure that it is installed promptly and efficiently.

We have a range of aerial filming techniques available

Handheld Filming & Photography –This style does not require any external equipment and is best used for simple filmography and still photography.

Fixed Camera Mount – Including 2 hour set up and a 2 hour flight time. This does not include administrative fees or additional hourly charges. This is an external mount on either the nose or side of the helicopter and is the most suitable technique for advanced filming.

Gyromount Rental – HK$5,000 per day. An aerial exposure gyro stabilizer is provided to enable videographers and photographers to shoot from a stable platform. Based on Kenyon Laboratoris’ gyro stabilizers, this fits most DSLR cameras and handheld video cameras. Contact us to learn more about equipment compatibility.

For further details about our services or to book your aerial filming or photography job, please contact our customer services representatives by calling +852 2802 0200 or email info@heliservices.com.hk

Any event requiring live broadcasting, Heliservices is now able to provide such platform. We provide the certified attachment brackets to install customers ‘down link antennas’. Please contact our team to learn more about equipment compatibility.