• Our priority is safety – it comes first and above all else.
  • Heliservices have a fully proven and integrated SMS and maintenance system.
  • With our aviation background and a team of highly professional technicians and operators, we mitigate the risks caused by poor operation, insufficient / ineffective maintenance, miscommunication and equipment failure.
  • Generally we can operate up to 300 feet from above ground level. If a job requires a higher operating altitude, we could ask for a special permission.
  • We can operate in light wind (less than 20 knots), but cannot operate in rain and will delay the operation if weather conditions make it difficult to operate safely.
  • It is required by the HK Civil Aviation Department for all non-recreational UAV operations to apply for permissions to fly in HK. Paperwork needs to be submitted to the CAD at least 28 days in advance however Heliservices has been granted an operating permit that covers all our jobs because of our aviation background.
  • All UAV operations come with a comprehensive third-party liability insurance with USD 5,000,000 coverage.
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