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About Us

Established in 1978, Heliservices is the sole and premier provider of rotary-wing services in Hong Kong. Heliservices offers a complete range of aviation services including aircraft charter for sightseeing and VIP services, filming and photography, lifting works, powerline maintenance and methodical inspection. Heliservices also provides aircraft management and maintenance services and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) rental to round out the turnkey experience.

Heliservices is a family business that upholds an uncompromised reputation for service excellence. Heliservices is a part of the Kadoorie Group which was established over a century ago with a presence in China and is a sister company of The Peninsula Hotels, China Light and Power Holdings (CLP) and Metrojet, a leading business jet operator.

Heliservices Fleet

Heliservices’ fleet is maintained in-house by its maintenance professionals and through its fully licensed Hong Kong HKAR 145 with approvals for the overhaul and maintenance of a wide range of aircraft licensed by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (CAD). Our engineering facility is the only commercial helicopter maintenance facility in Hong Kong, serving not only our helicopter operations and maintenance needs but also those of locally-based private helicopters as well.

Our highly experienced expatriate and Hong Kong engineering team is located at our maintenance base in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Heliservices’ pilots are some of the most experienced in the world with our crew undergoing recurrent training and proficiency checks with in-house HKCAD authorized Type Rating Examiners and Line Training Captains to help ensure Heliservices maintains the highest safety standards.

Heliservices currently operates three MD902 Explorer Helicopters.

Model Introduced

MD902 Explorer
MD902 Explorer

The 902 Explorer is a light twin utility helicopter and is the first MD helicopter to incorporate the no tail rotor (NOTAR) system in its design. The Explorer has been built largely from composite materials and is powered by a twin Pratt and Whitney PW207E Turboshaft engine. The MD902 is the first helicopter of its type in the Hong Kong region.

 Scope of Services

• Aerial sightseeing
• Filming and photography
• Aerial survey
• VIP Charters
• Lifting and construction work
• Powerline and Methodical Inspection [/person]


Maximum Gross Weight (Internal) 2,950 kg
Maximum Gross Weight (External) 3,130 kg
Useful Load with 1 Hour Fuel: Internal 870 kg
External 1,050 kg
Maximum External Load 1,100 kg

Required Crew 1
Passengers 6

Fuel Capacity 728 litres
Maximum Range 300 nm
Maximum Endurance 3 hrs






Our Helicopter Fleet