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AerialSightseeing Services
Passengers will be flown on an air-conditioned twin-engine MD902 Explorer helicopter with seating for up to 6.
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PeninsulaHelicopter Services
Heliservices has partnered with its sister company the Peninsula Hong Kong to provide some truly unforgettable experiences.
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VIPCharter Services
Heliservices provides VIP transfer services for passengers to the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) or Macau.
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Filming & Photography
Filming & PhotographyServices
Aerial filming and photography services for still, video, and movie studios.
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Sky high photography and videography.

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Aerial Surveying Services
An efficient way of inspecting work-in-progress on a large development or construction site.Learn More

Lifting & Construction
Lifting & ConstructionServices
With over 30 years of experience in helicopter lifting work, Heliservices is the company that built Hong Kong.
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Powerline Inspection &
Powerline Inspection &Maintenance Services
Heliservices has provided electrical powerline helicopter operations since 1978.

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Aircraft Management &
Aircraft Management &Maintenance Services
Heliservices’ turnkey services include aircraft maintenance and management solutions.

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Virtual Training &
Virtual Training &Simulations Services

Coming soon!

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Unmanned Aerial
Unmanned AerialVehicle (UAV) Services
Our latest technology drones are at your service.
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